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Ultimate Guide To Make Couples Fall In Love With Your Valentine’s Day Gift Selection

Valentine’s week is not a busy season just for couples but also for business owners because this is the time when they can sell out most of the gift items that are meant for lovers. So, as a gift shop owner, you must brace yourself a month before V-week arrives and prepare Valentine’s Day gifts so that you can attract multiple couples and generate sales and revenue.
Do you know what the best way is to make your customers visit your store again during the V-week? It is to offer all kinds of gifts that a couple may be looking for under one roof. It is well known that there are seven specific days in the whole of Valentine’s week, and couples give gifts to their partners on each day. Hence, you must update your collection and keep everything from roses to rings, teddies to chocolates, and more so that your business will flourish throughout the week.

Goodies That You Must Keep In Your Shop According To Different Days

It is good to keep overall products and items that are meant for Valentine’s Day, but it would be great if you could update your stock and place some specific gifts according to the days of Valentine’s calendar. So here is a list of gift items that are popularly sold on specific days so you can consider them and add them to your collection.
Rose Day
So, the first day in the calendar is the rose day; thus, you must keep both fresh and artificial flowers in your shop. You can collaborate with the local florist and set up an extended store in front of the space near your shop to sell all kinds of roses. This is a great way to make extra income during Valentine’s week, as well as give local florists a chance to promote their business through you.
Propose Day
The next day on the list is Propose Day, and you know that couples like to confess their feeling through rings, bouquets, and cards. You must update your card section in the store and keep the ones that have attractive visuals and catchy lines that can be used for proposals. Also, add some stainless couple rings, bracelets, and necklaces because these are some items that the couples look for to buy on this day.
Teddy Day
Okay, so for Teddy Day, it is the basic that you must include all sizes of teddy bears and soft toys in your store. Apart from that, you can keep some other plushies, like those in the shape of stars, moons, boys, girls, animals, etc. You will definitely make remarkable sales on this day because soft toys are equally loved by both guys and girls.

Chocolate Day

You must add some chocolate hampers that include different types of gourmet sweet treats to your store display so that couples can come and buy from you. Along with that, you can offer hamper customization so that the couples can pick the chocolates as per their likes and dislikes. These days, chocolate boxes of different shapes, like hearts, hexagons, pop-up boxes, etc., are popular, so you can keep them too to make great sales this V-week.

Promise Day

Although the promise is an abstract noun and it is done through speech, couples prefer giving gifts on this day too, like some sort of memento to mark the promises they make to each other. It can be an engraved necklace, keyring, ring, lucky charm, bracelet, or any other accessory that can be carried easily by the receiver. These kinds of gifts remind the person of the promises that they have made to the other, and hence, they should not break them.

Hug Day

For the hug day gift, you can keep some cushions that have sweet quotes, a couple of hugging figures, t-shirts that have love quotes, card cutouts that have a boy and girl hugging each other, etc. These are perfect to be gifted on this day because they resonate the day through the prints, quotes, and figures, and thus, couples love to buy them for their partners.

Kiss Day

Kissing is a kind of gesture that is meant to convey or express the love that the couples have for each other. However, this can also be expressed with the help of gifts, as not all couples get to the phase of physical touch quickly. So, for such couples, you must keep kissing mugs, cushions, snowglobe on kissing couples, and lips-shaped wall hangings.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a mixture of all the other days, and anything given on this day holds a special memory in the couple’s life. However, there are some special gifts that you must have in your store, such as a couple of wallets, watches, photo frames, memory books, etc., so that you will offer something different to them when they come to buy gifts.


In conclusion, you can easily make great sales during Valentine’s week by updating your gift stocks in the store and replacing them with couple-oriented items. Couples won’t go anywhere than you if you offer them everything under one roof and also provide them with an online order and delivery facility. However, you must not blindly keep products in your store; first, research what the couples will love and the latest gifting trends, and then update your shelves.
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