Benefits of Pairing American Oak Flooring with Composite Battens

Benefits of Pairing American Oak Flooring with Composite Battens

When it comes to finding the best flooring solutions for your house, office, or commercial space, American Oak flooring stands out as a classic choice. The warm colours and unique grain patterns of American Oak bring a touch of sophistication to any space. To enhance the performance and longevity of American Oak flooring, many builders and homeowners are turning to composite battens as a complementary support system. 

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the benefits of using composite battens with American Oak flooring, exploring how this combination offers a winning formula for both aesthetics and practicality. In the end, we will also explore expert cleaning and maintenance tips while pairing the composite battens with the American Oak flooring.

7 Benefits of Pairing Composite Battens with American Oak Flooring

Here is the list of 7 benefits of having the composite battens and American oak flooring both in one space. 

  • Stability and Resistance to Warping:

Composite battens, built with precision in mind, provide a stable foundation for American Oak flooring. This stability is crucial in preventing the natural wood from warping or cupping, especially in environments with fluctuating humidity levels. Incorporating composite battens ensures that your oak flooring maintains its original finish over time.

  • Moisture Resistance for Longer Use:

Composite materials fight against water, which is a significant advantage when paired with American Oak flooring. Unlike traditional wood, composite battens are less likely to absorb moisture or remain free from insect-bite problems. 

All of these features add a layer of protection. From making the flooring system more durable to extending its lifespan, it benefits areas prone to spills or high humidity.

  • Durability in High-Traffic Areas:

American Oak is renowned for its durability, but adding composite battens further enhances the overall robustness of the flooring system. In high-traffic areas with wear and tear, composite battens enhance the structure of oak flooring, ensuring it remains a focal point of your space for years to come.

  • Environmental Friendliness:

The use of composite battens built from recycled or sustainable materials aligns seamlessly with American Oak, which is also a renewable resource. This eco-friendly approach allows you to enjoy the beauty of oak flooring while minimising the environmental impact.

  • Easy Installation for Efficiency:

Composite battens are designed with ease of installation in mind. Their uniformity and stability help a builder during the installation process, providing a level surface for the American Oak flooring. This saves time and ensures a smoother and more efficient installation, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or relying on professional installation services.

  • Uniform Support for Evenness:

The precision manufacturing of composite battens guarantees uniform support for American Oak flooring. This is crucial in preventing unevenness or sagging and maintaining a level surface that enhances the visual appeal of the oak. The result is a seamless flooring system that radiates elegance in the best form. 

  • Design Flexibility for Creative Expression:

Composite battens come in various shapes and sizes, offering design flexibility that complements the creativity of American Oak flooring. Whether you are thinking of complex design patterns or leaning towards simple design, the versatility of composite battens allows you to bring your design aspirations to life.

Maintenance Tips for Pairing American Oak Flooring with Composite Battens

Here are expert-recommended nine maintenance tips when using the American Oak flooring with composite battens.

  • Entrance Mats and Area Rugs:

Place high-quality entrance mats at doorways and area rugs in high-traffic zones. These are great for trapping dirt, grit, and moisture before they reach the American Oak flooring. Ensure the mats have non-slip backings to prevent accidental slips.

  • Felt Pads on Furniture:

Attach felt pads to the legs of furniture to prevent scratches and scuffs when moving or rearranging items. Regularly check and replace worn-out pads to maintain adequate protection.

  • Use Protective Floor Coatings:

Consider applying a protective coating for American Oak flooring to protect the wood from scratches, stains, and UV damage. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for application frequency.

  • Control Humidity Levels:

Maintain a consistent indoor humidity level (ideally between 30-50%) to prevent excessive expansion or contraction of the American Oak. Use a humidifier during dry seasons and a dehumidifier in humid climates.

  • Avoid High Heels and Sharp objects:

Encourage visitors or family members to avoid walking on the American Oak flooring with high heels or shoes that may cause dents or scratches. 

  • Regular Sweeping and Vacuuming:

Establish a routine for sweeping or vacuuming with a soft brush attachment. This helps remove dirt and debris that could lead to scratches over time. Pay special attention to corners and edges.

  • Prompt Spill Cleanup:

Accidental spills should be cleaned up promptly to prevent moisture absorption by the American Oak. Use a dry, soft cloth to wipe away spills immediately and avoid excess water at all costs. 

  • Gentle Cleaning Solutions:

When cleaning American Oak flooring, opt for gentle, pH-neutral hardwood floor cleaners. Harsh chemicals can strip away the natural oils in the wood and compromise the finish. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for recommended cleaning solutions.

  • Regular Inspection of Composite Battens:

Periodically inspect the composite battens beneath the American Oak flooring. Look for signs of wear, moisture, or damage. Address any issues promptly to maintain the stability of the substructure.


In pairing American Oak flooring and composite battens, we find a synergy beyond aesthetics. It’s a partnership of natural oak beauty with the practical benefits of composite materials. 

The combination of American Oak flooring with composite battens is a winning formula, as it enhances stability and moisture resistance to environmental considerations and design flexibility. So, if you want an elegant space with an option for red or white oak flooring, American oak must be your choice. 

Elevate your interiors with Green Hill Timbers and enjoy a flooring solution that stands the test of time.

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