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Hertz Fastbreak Streamlined Car Rental Experience

The Hertz Fastbreak program streamlines the car rental experience for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members at select locations. It doesn’t cost anything to upgrade, and it offers several benefits that save you time, money, and stress during your trip.

The main advantage of Fastbreak is that you can skip the counter and just flash your license to pick up a vehicle. The return process is also much faster.

Skip the Counter

Fastbreak offers a streamlined car rental experience that you can’t get with opaque booking sites like Hotwire or Priceline. As a member of the program, you can bypass the counter, grab your keys and drive off with your rental.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members can skip the line and head straight to a vehicle, while Hertz Five Star and President’s Circle members get access to an expedited counter. They can also add an authorized additional driver free of charge and earn free days.

If you are a member of the United Club Card, you can enjoy access to Hertz Five Star, which has no rental limit and includes extra benefits like a dedicated Hertz phone number, priority parking and an aisle reserved for Gold and President’s Circle members.

Budget doesn’t have a loyalty program similar to those from Hertz or Avis, but it does offer its Fastbreak service for free. It allows you to bypass the counter and go right to your car, drop it off in a designated area and receive a receipt for the entire rental process.

Earn Budget Bucks

If you’re a Hertz Fastbreak member, you can skip the rental counter, flash your license and pick up the keys. Likewise, when it’s time to drop off your car, just leave it in the designated Fastbreak area and Budget will email you a receipt.

One of the best parts about Fastbreak is that it’s free to join. And once you’re a member, you can earn $25 in Budget Bucks when you rent two or more times during the year.

Another nice perks is that Fastbreak members don’t have to pay any extra money for insurance and damage waivers. That’s especially helpful for people traveling with children or pets.

The only downside of Fastbreak is that it’s a little bare bones when it comes to loyalty programs. Budget does work with several airlines and hotels that give you rewards points when you book through their website. That’s not a bad thing, but you could probably get much more from other loyalty programs.

Find a Location

A smart and simple way to speed up your rental experience, Hertz Fastbreak enables you to skip the counter and flash your driver’s license at pick-up. In return, you’ll receive exclusive deals that save you time and money while on the road.

The service works at select airport locations, including Denver. It’s offered to Corporate Business Customers and Frequent Renters, but it can be used by anyone who wants a quicker rental.

To use it, activate accelerated check-in by providing your driver’s license and contact information ahead of time. After that, you can skip the counter and go directly to the vehicle.

In addition to speeding up the rental process, members of Budget Fastbreak can earn Budget Bucks that can be redeemed on future rentals. These deals can range from discounts on a certain number of days or free upgrades at select locations.

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