Money Savers: Should I Buy Solar Panels Used?

Money Savers: Should I Buy Solar Panels Used?

Under the right circumstances, using solar equipment to power your home can help you save a substantial amount of money per year. You can invest this money in other areas of your home or use it to accommodate maintenance costs.

However, it’s worth noting that solar panel installation requires a large upfront investment. In many cases, this amounts to approximately $25,000.

The good news is that there are ways to reduce the total amount you pay. Buying your solar panels used is one of the most notable ways to do so, but not everyone understands how to decide if this is right for them. Let’s explore the key benefits you should keep in mind.

Save Money

This is one of the most notable benefits of purchasing a used solar power setup. Depending on the resource you use, you could potentially save thousands of dollars.

Keep in mind various factors contribute to the cost of the solar panels. These include the following:

  • Condition of the panel
  • Model
  • Size

It’s best to do your research before buying one so you can get the best deal. There isn’t a point in purchasing used solar panels if you end up paying almost as much as you would for a new product.

You’ll often find the best deals when looking for older models. When new solar panel models are released, there isn’t always an abundance of differences. The discrepancies could consist of minor cosmetic changes, for example.

People who install solar panel systems in their homes often purchase the newest models without thinking. This opens countless opportunities to find recent models at reasonable prices.

It’s best to avoid buying panels that don’t have enough lifespan left to meet your needs. Otherwise, you run the risk of having to purchase additional panels only a few years after buying your used ones.


Used solar panels have already proven their reliability. You won’t have to worry about usability issues or defects. More often than not, people sell their solar panels because they no longer need them.

For example, they might plan to install a new solar panel system soon and sell their old panels to recoup the cost. You can think of purchasing used solar panels like you’d think of buying a used car.

Chances are you wouldn’t be overly concerned with whether the car will perform since it’s already proven its capabilities. Keep this in mind when moving forward so you can streamline your search for the right options.

Little Impact on Longevity

Many people incorrectly assume that used solar panels won’t last nearly as long as new ones. While this is true for panels that have been in use for decades, the difference in lifespan is often marginal compared to new panels. It’s crucial to source your panels from reputable providers.

Established companies are often your best bet, as they’ll ensure the panels meet their quality standards. They can also provide key info about the panels, such as how long they’re expected to last.

Independent sellers will often cut you a better deal, but it’s not worth the risk. Using the aforementioned used car example, it’s often best to purchase from a dealership instead of someone you meet online. Doing so comes with added protections and can help you quickly find the ideal product for your situation.

Reduced Environmental Impact

When you purchase used solar panels, you’ll eliminate the need to produce new ones. This can also drastically increase the lifespan of the product.

To clarify, imagine if someone installed solar panels that were supposed to last at least 25 years. After two years, they attempted to sell their panels to replace them with different models.

If nobody was interested in purchasing used panels, the panels would inevitably be discarded. In this scenario, these would have lasted at least another 23 years before new production was required.

While buying used panels won’t make a world-changing impact, it’s a great way to reduce your overall carbon footprint. Encouraging others to purchase used solar panels can also aid with sustainability efforts.

Finding a Professional

Regardless of where you get your solar panels from, it’s essential to hire a professional for installation. This will prevent a large number of issues from occurring, such as injuring yourself during the process.

You also risk damaging your property, causing you to spend even more money during installation. When looking for someone to hire, explore their reputation.

This provides valuable insight into what you can expect. Pay attention to how they handle criticism, as well.

It’s never recommended to hire someone who blames their customers for problems that arise. You should also avoid the cheapest solar options you find. These are priced low for a reason, and they likely cut corners during the process.

You don’t need to spend as much money as possible, though. There’s a point of diminishing returns regarding the money you spend. Somewhere in the middle of the industry’s price range is generally your best bet.

Do they provide ongoing support? The last thing you want is to encounter issues your installer can’t help you overcome.

These can be difficult or even impossible to handle on your own. Only work with companies with substantial experience in this space. Look for professional installers who’ve been around for at least a decade, instead.

Reputable providers will have no trouble providing information on how their solar panels function. Find a provider who will guide you through your journey into solar panel manufacturing so you can learn more about the key nuances of using solar panels.

Should I Buy Solar Panels Used?

If you need to save as much money as possible, buying solar panels used is a great step to take. This can substantially reduce the amount of money you pay. The tips in this guide will help ensure you make the best decision for your situation.

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