The Viral Craze: David Dobrik’s Water Gun Challenge

The Viral Craze: David Dobrik’s Water Gun Challenge

Are you ready to get drenched in some serious fun? Look no further than the latest viral craze taking over social media: David Dobrik’s Water Gun Challenge. From celebrities to regular folks, everyone is getting in on the action and sharing their hilarious results for all to see. So, grab your water gun and join us as we dive into this watery wonderland of laughter and good times!

What is the Water Gun Challenge?

If you haven’t seen the Water Gun Challenge, it’s simple: two people stand a few feet apart from each other, and one person sprays the other with a water gun. The challenge started when YouTuber David Dobrik did the challenge with his friend Josh Peck. Since then, the challenge has taken off and been done by many people.

The appeal of the challenge is its simplicity. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require any special equipment. All you need is a water gun and someone to spray. The challenge can be done anywhere, from your backyard to a park or even at the beach. And it’s not just limited to two people; you can have as many people as you want taking part in the challenge.

So why has the Water Gun Challenge become so popular? There are a few reasons. First, it’s a great way to cool off on a hot day. Second, it’s a fun way to get friends and family involved in something active. And third, it’s just plain fun! Whether you’re playing by yourself or with a group of friends, the Water Gun Challenge is sure to provide some laughs.

How did it start?

It all started with a single YouTuber, David Dobrik. He challenged his followers to soak him with water guns while he was driving, and the challenge quickly caught on. Soon, other YouTubers were getting in on the action, and the challenge spread like wildfire.

Who’s done it?

As of right now, some of the biggest names in social media have taken on the water gun challenge. This includes David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, James Charles, DanTDM, and many more. There are even some celebrities who have gotten in on the action, like Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber. It’s safe to say that this challenge is taking over the internet right now.

How to do the challenge

Assuming you have a water gun (if not, go buy one!), the challenge is pretty simple:

1. Fill up your water gun with water.

2. Get someone to hold the gun for you while you stand about 10 feet away.

3. Run towards the person holding the gun and try to get as close to them as possible before they fire the water at you.

4. If you get hit by the water, you lose! The person who gets hit the least wins.

5. Repeat until everyone is soaked or until you run out of water – whichever comes first!

Why people are doing it

There are many reasons why people are taking part in the water gun challenge. For some, it is simply a fun way to cool down in the summer heat. Others see it as a way to support a good cause, as David Dobrik is using the challenge to raise money for charity.

Still others see it as a way to get attention on social media and gain followers. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that the water gun challenge is gaining popularity by the day.

The positive and negative reactions

When David Dobrik, a popular YouTuber with over 16 million subscribers, posted a video of himself doing the water gun challenge, the internet went wild. The challenge is simple: fill a water gun with any type of liquid (usually water), point it at someone’s face, and pull the trigger. Dobrik’s video garnered over 6 million views and spawned hundreds of copycat videos.

While many people found the challenge humorous and harmless, others saw it as an act of aggression. Some even started petitions to have Dobrik’s video taken down, calling it “unsafe” and “irresponsible.”

Whether you think the water gun challenge is funny or not, there’s no denying that it has sparked some strong reactions. Here are some of the positive and negative reactions to Dobrik’s viral video:

Positive Reactions:

  • Many people found the video hilarious and said it put a smile on their face.
  • Some viewers praised Dobrik for his originality and creativity.
  • Others called the challenge harmless fun and said it was refreshing to see something lighthearted and positive on the internet for once.


All in all, the David Dobrik Water Gun Challenge was a humorous and creative way to bring people together during this time of isolation. It gave us something fun to do while indoors or socially distanced outdoors, as well as an excuse to stand out on social media with unique content.

The challenge showed us how powerful influence can be when used for good and how even viral trends can have positive effects on our mental health. We look forward to seeing what David Dobrik comes up with next!

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