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5 Rare and Unique Snake Pets

Snakes have always inspired pet enthusiasts with their bright colorations and docile nature. Owing to their unusual features and attractive personality, you might also want to add them as your household companions. They prove to be adorable buddies and add exotic colors to your otherwise domesticated life.

However, when researching snakes for sale, you might get confused as they have an endless collection of morphs available in the market. For your convenience, this blog covers the 5 rare and unique snake species that you can keep as pets. Let’s have a look at them one by one below. 

1. Corn Snakes 

On top of the list comes the friendly and easygoing snake, the corn snake. They are known for their calm and gentle personality and are loved by children. Due to their smaller size, you can handle them with ease and comfort. What’s best? They have simple feeding requirements and can easily live in your small apartment. 

2. Ball Pythons

Here comes the most sought-after pet snakes. Ball pythons are popular due to their intricate color patterns and varying morphs. Moreover, the elegant and colorful variations in the body make them beautiful snakes to keep as pets. Compared to other pet snakes, ball pythons only eat once a week, and the feeding patterns can change with the size of your wiggly pet. 

3. Kingsnakes 

Known for its calm and docile demeanor, California kingsnakes can be a great addition to your pet snake list. They are beginner-friendly and have a charming personality enough to attract your eyes. The most amazing thing is they can be handled easily and are highly affectionate towards their owners. So you can quickly form a stronger bond with your pet. 

4. Hognose Snake

Popular for their upturned snout and rostral scales, Hognose snakes might be suitable pet snakes for people of all ages. They are friendly and smaller, usually 14 to 30 inches long. As ground-dwelling snake species, you can easily keep them at a moderate temperature of around 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. With simple care requirements, Hognose snakes might be the ideal pet to keep in your house. 

5. Boa Constrictor

Lastly, boa constrictors are another beautiful snake species to add to your pet collection. Just like other snakes, they have variable color combinations along the body. Their diet includes rodents, larger lizards and birds. Along with proper food, they need appropriate humidity, spacious habitat, and proper care. Hence, you can develop a lovely bond with beautiful and non-docile boa constrictors. 

Final Verdict 

Now that you have a list of the 5 rare and unique pet snakes, it’s time to choose the one that catches your eye. All of them are beautiful and have attractive morphs, so you can easily get the one that fits your budget and personal preference. When researching snakes for sale, also search for their size, habitat setup, and basic needs so you can provide them with a safe survival space in your house.

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