6 Most Amazing Programs to Build Your Personal Digital Planner

6 Most Amazing Programs to Build Your Personal Digital Planner

When it comes to choosing an app to help you make a digital planner, you will be spoiled for choice as there are many options to choose from. The sheer number of these existing planners is overwhelming; nonetheless, it has never been so easy to customize your perfect planner to fit your unique needs. Either you use a premium graphic design application (like Canva) where you can create a personalized planner of your own or use a straightforward calendar app (like Google Calendar), a digital planner is a super handy tool to keep yourself organized.

Different from paper planners, which have a chance of disappearance, digital planners can be accessed and edited quickly and without any trouble from everywhere. Thus, let’s begin the creation of a personal digital planner and determine the best starting point. Don’t worry; you’re not alone in this world! Telling which one to choose among all the options available on the market takes work, especially when you just start out.

There are tons of programs out there for creating your very own “My Digital Planner, each with its own features and tools for users.

Digital Planner 101: Understanding the Basics!

Firstly, it is vital to understand the various types of programs that exist before deciding which is the most suitable.

A Digital Planner would in this sense be a fancy PDF file with the look of a paper planner. It typically has calendar pages, monthly, weekly, and daily planners, note-taking section – What we like about it is that it will hyperlink to different sections, so you can jump to whatever you need by clicking a link instead of scrolling through the whole thing. And if you want to make some notes, you can go ahead and do that using an installed device app for notes.

Fundamentally, any application that can produce PDFs with hyperlinks will help on such an endeavor.

However, some programs have some extras that can be so helpful for making your planner quite nifty. This among other functionality like the ability to create master pages, and edit fonts and images throughout the document.

What are the Components to Make a Digital Planner?

So, what do you need to make an online planner a part of your daily life? Really, the best part is, that you won’t need any high-tech tools or extra-cost apps to pull that off.

Here are the basics you’ll need if you want to create your digital planner with a program/app:

  • A tablet or smartphone: Of course, you can build a digital planner right on your phone, yes. Of course, you can also use a desktop computer if the only thing you need is a larger screen. And luckily you don’t need to rack your brains over that since any kind of electronic gadget that can host your digital planner file will do just fine.
  • A note-taking app: Like in the Word document, you cannot just scribble on a PDF copy. And that is the point where a note-taking app becomes irreplaceable. Well, first of all, you must set up the app on your device, which will allow you to mark the location of the things you are searching for. While some programs are equipped with this function, not all provide the exact same, so it can be crucial to be on your guard with a note-taking app.
  • Choose your program: Then you need to pick a program that shall create your planner of the first kind. You could pick for example a vent with all your calendar pages, to-do lists, and additional inserts for that purpose. Otherwise, you can switch to something easier, just apply one of many digital planning apps.

A number of accessories can take your digital planning experience just to the next level. For instance, writing with an Apple Pencil or any other stylus can feel almost natural and close to traditional paper long ago. Also, you can go a step further by using a screen protector that gives you a paper-like feeling so that you get the experience of writing on a page.

But remember, these extras are optional for creating your digital planner. They’re just nice to have if you want to enhance your experience.

Best Programs to Create a Planner Easily!

Ultimately, the best app for creating a digital planner will depend on what’s most important to you and what you need.

If you’re exploring programs to make your own digital planner, we’d suggest checking out different options and trying a few that catch your eye until you find the one that works best for you.

Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Canva Pro: 

Canva is a super user-friendly online graphic design tool. You can create the Best Digital Planner on it even if you don’t have any graphic design experience. Canva Pro offers premium pre-made templates that you can customize with ease. It has many advanced features like tables, shapes, graphics, etc.

Head to the templates search bar and look for “digital planner.” Choose the template that suits you best and customize it to your liking. Canva is a budget-friendly graphic design tool that’s perfect for beginners.

  • ClickUp: 

This tool is recommended for upgrading productivity, and it perfectly fits simple and complex needs at an individual, family, or organization level. Clickup has an array of features such as automation, personalization, and templates, among others, for more customizability. It’s ideal for those who handle any specific tasks in such a particular manner.

  • Google Slides:

For starters, Google Slides may be the best choice for a beginner for making his digital planner. It is free software that is for the cloud and requires no installation trouble. Creating agendas for Google slides is quite straightforward as its user-friendliness is high.

Besides, if you are already a Google Docs user, it won’t be hard for you to feel comfortable with the interface. Nevertheless, remember that Google Slide may be less capable compared to paid software with some more advanced options.

  • PowerPoint: 

If you’re prospecting for Windows and planning to design your own digital planner, PowerPoint is a fine bet. After constantly being updated, PowerPoint (PP) enjoys a larger number of functions compared to Google Slides. One main thing that applies to digital planners is the fact that you can pick and choose specific fonts whereas there is a myriad of shape and icon formatting options, so it is a breeze to generate eye-catching planners. Also, you have the chance to create digital stickers using PowerPoint.

  • Asana:

Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, Asana can help you keep all you need on top of work schedules, activities, hobbies, and even your personal life in one application. It offers a user-friendly interface and helps you to handle your tasks and deadlines in an appropriate manner deftly. This CRM system has features such as labels and tags, allowing you to organize your data.


The growing diversity amongst digital planners, including flashy interfaces and simplistic planners, ensures there is a type of planner for everyone. Whether it is using an elegant and user-friendly interface, like Canva, an enhanced productivity board, for example, ClickUp, or familiar tools, for example, Google Slides or PowerPoint, creating your own personalized digital planning for you has never been more reachable and practical. Collectively, you can make a heady and harmonious ensemble.


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