Data-driven Decision Making in E-commerce: Leveraging Advanced Analytics and Data Stacks

Data-driven Decision Making in E-commerce: Leveraging Advanced Analytics and Data Stacks

The average cart abandonment rate for online purchasing surpasses 70%. This is a significant obstacle for e-commerce businesses. Data stacks or Data collected by an e-commerce analytics solution is an essential component.  When you have access to the appropriate e-commerce data, you can recognize the most effective methods for attracting clients, and adjust your marketing budget and efforts accordingly.

You can also discover which consumer segments spend the most and what they usually buy, then make tailored offers to them. Also you can identify the consumers who are most unlikely to repurchase and why, then create a plan to keep them as clients.

Above all, you may use actual data from the platforms you use as the foundation for all of these insights. You’re in a far better position when you base company decisions on concrete data and facts rather than expensive estimates. You obtain a competitive advantage over online merchants who don’t apply the same level of information to their ecommerce analytics.

A collection of tools and technologies used in conjunction to collect, handle, store, process, analyse, and display data is known as a modern data stack. Businesses may make better judgments by using it to streamline data operations and obtain greater insights into their data. Scalability and flexibility are further features that a contemporary data stack makes possible for managing massive data volumes and adjusting to shifting business requirements. It forms an important part of Ecommerce analytics.

Benefits of a Contemporary Data Stack

Full details: Decision-makers can access data from several sources in a single perspective and can utilize an extensive range of tools to analyse and interpret the data.

Quick queries: Without the need for developer input, data warehouses provide quick data retrieval and analysis of massive volumes of consolidated data.

Instant reporting: Custom notifications for data abnormalities or KPI dips, together with a real-time performance overview.

Accessibility: Anybody can independently access and incorporate data into their work, even non-technical staff members.

Save money and time by: Invest more time in higher-value analytics initiatives instead of creating, constructing, and maintaining data interfaces and report updates.

Modern technology AI and machine learning are two examples of new technologies that can be easily integrated with cloud data warehouses.

Parts of a Contemporary Data Stack Configuration

A modern data stack differs from a legacy or traditional data stack primarily in that it is housed in the cloud and requires minimal technical configuration on the part of the user. 

The five main elements of the setup are the data source, data storage, data ingestion, data transformation, and data analytics. These elements are essentially layers layered on top of one another. Though each layer has a distinct function, the necessity of each layer varies greatly depending on the size and requirements of a given firm.

  1. Source of data

Any location or setting that contains business data qualifies as a data source. Examples of such locations include web server logs, your production database, and third-party applications that are utilized internally by your company for various purposes.

  1. Ingestion of data

This part transfers your data from the point of origin to the data storage. Data pipelines facilitate the ingestion of data and guarantee the rapid and seamless transfer of data to storage.

Make sure the tool you select for the job has pre-built interfaces to all of the data sources in your organization. This enables scalable integrated data and speeds up the setup procedure. Changes in schema or API are also taken into account.

  1. Information archiving

This is where your data is kept. The main location for all of the data that has been gathered by your company can be either a data warehouse or a data lake. 

Your data source(s) send all of their data to this centralized storage, which can be on-site or in the cloud.

  1. Transformation of data

This is the procedure that transforms unprocessed data into an approachable format. Raw data is prepared for transformation as soon as it gets to data storage. To prepare data for further analysis, transformation typically involves filtering, separating, merging, enriching, and deleting (of duplicates). 

In addition to being compatible with your destination, your transformation tool should offer capabilities that facilitate data lineage tracing, such as version control and/or documentation outlining the impact of transformations on your tables.

  1. Data analytics Using interactive dashboards and charts, the data analytics component allows end users to explore and uncover insights in their data. It also includes data visualization and reporting that is controlled within a BI platform. 

Overall, you should think about user accessibility, visualization flexibility, and technological implementation (e.g., establishing variables for users).

Final Words

Ecommerce firms are vying for a competitive edge in the fast-paced realm of data-driven decision-making by constructing a strong data infrastructure that may yield insightful information. Traditionally, the preferred method has been to build an internal data stack by painstakingly assembling different parts to create a functional system, but this has costs and issues of its own.

But a revolution has happened with the introduction of content management systems (CMS) like Shopify. Structured data is included with CMS platforms, which significantly alters the data architecture environment. The idea of a vertical data platform becomes extremely important in this new era.


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