Ghostface Crunch – The Scream Cereal Box

Ghostface Crunch – The Scream Cereal Box

Scream Cereal Box – If you’re a fan of the slasher franchise, you’ll be happy to know that Ghostface is getting his own cereal. UK-based morning foods company Cereal Killer has announced an official collaboration with Scream, and you can preorder a box now.

The world’s first official Scream cereal will be available exclusively from Cereal Killer. It also features the world’s first talking cereal box.

Strawberries & Cream Flavour Mallow Clusters

Halloween may be over but you can still scare yourself silly with this new Scream movie-themed cereal. The UK’s Cereal Killer has partnered with Paramount and Fun World to create the Scream cereal of your dreams, featuring a high-end chocolatey cereal that should make a worthy addition to any horror buff’s pantry.

It may be a while before the cereal is on store shelves but you can sign up to be alerted when it does – we promise it’ll be worth it! In the meantime, check out the cereal’s Instagram page to get a taste for this Scream movie-themed confection. The best part? it’s a great way to start the day with a sweet dose of spookiness!

The Scream movie-themed cereal has a lot to boast about, from its sleek packaging to its impressive design features. It has the world’s largest cereal shaped milk bottle and of course, an all-important Ghostface logo on the front of the box to boot.

The World’s First Official Scream Cereal

A UK company over on social media announced they were getting ready to unleash a special Scream-themed cereal. Featuring the iconic Ghostface design on the front, this is an official product that’s been made with the help of Paramount Pictures and Fun World.

The cereal will be available in January 2022 and will feature a talking box with some of Ghostface’s most memorable lines. It will be sold exclusively at Cereal Killer and is the first ever Scream movie-themed cereal.

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s a scary time of year. Even the aisles of the grocery store are filled with creeps and monsters.

So when General Mills introduced the Monster Cereal line in 1998, they hoped to give the line a few spooky additions, such as BerryPatchra (a mummy), Phantom-Berry (The Phantom of the Opera), Dr. JekyllBerry (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), and Bride of Frankenberry, but these never made it past the design sheet.

The First Talking Cereal Box

During Halloween, UK-based morning foods company Cereal Killer teased fans with the announcement of their latest collaboration. Dubbed the Strawberries & Scream, this officially licensed product comes with Ghostface on the front, and is made in conjunction with Paramount Pictures and Fun World.

The box also boasts a first for the industry: it’s the first talking cereal box. The gimmick here is that it uses a small speaker embedded into the lid to speak the name of the cereal itself.

In fact, it’s so clever that it’s been awarded the screamiest cereal prize by Food & Drink News. This is a big deal for the breakfast aficionados, and you should definitely consider picking one up.

If you want to get your hands on the cereal, join the Scream & a Message List at Cereal Killer’s website to be alerted when it’s on sale. You’ll also get a special limited edition Scream movie-themed box. The Scream a Message List will keep you up to date with all the latest news from Cereal Killer, including the release of their official Scream movie.

Official Scream Movie Merchandise

In 2022, a group of teens in a small town are targeted by the infamous Ghostface killer. Directed by Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin (two-thirds of a filmmaking duo called Radio Silence), Scream 2022 is the fifth installment in a franchise that has been beloved by horror fans for nearly two decades.

The movie is self-aware and parodies the genre while also satirizing the rampant sequel and reboot culture plaguing Hollywood. It’s an entertaining and thought-provoking film that’s sure to attract longtime Scream fans as well as those new to the series.

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