Luxury Carry-ons: Designer Handbags with the Best Resale Value

Luxury Carry-ons: Designer Handbags with the Best Resale Value

Trading in boring carry-ons for chic designer handbags that double as investments? Buckle up, fashionistas!

Forget flimsy totes and frumpy backpacks – we’re talking designer handbags that turn heads and hold their value like champs. Imagine your trusty handbag not just an accessory but a potential retirement fund.

In today’s eco-conscious world, pre-loved luxury is hotter than ever. Choosing the right designer handbag can be a smart move, adding both cash and charm to your style. But before you splurge on that Chanel, hold your horses! Picking a resale winner takes a little insider knowledge.

Here we will navigate the world of iconic brands, limited editions, and timeless styles. So get ready to discover designer handbags that are more than just arm candy.

Top Designer Brands for Luxury Handbags with High Resale Value

Let us take you through this fascinating journey, where every stitch and detail can turn a handbag into a sought-after treasure. Check them out:


Let’s begin with Birkin & Kelly – the undisputed queens of resale. These iconic bags retain their value, thanks to their impeccable craftsmanship, limited availability, and timeless elegance.

The Birkin and Kelly have earned their status as resale royalty, consistently fetching high prices in the secondary market. In some cases, these bags not only retain their original value but appreciate, often surpassing their initial retail cost.

Constance – the smaller, structured Birkin cousin – is a rising star with a devoted following, boasting 180% average resale value. In the ever-changing world of fashion, the Constance stands as proof that Hermès creations possess timeless charm, showcasing how luxury and investment can harmoniously coexist.


Chanel’s Classic Flat is the quilted masterpiece that revolutionized handbags. This luxury handbag holds its price like a Chanel pearl necklace. Look for classic colors and hardware for maximum resale magic.

Continuing to be a favorite among fashion enthusiasts, the Classic Flap by Chanel solidifies its position in the resale market. It remains a must-have, standing the test of changing fashion trends and proving its worth as both a style icon and a wise investment.

And that’s not all. The original Chanel shoulder bag, named for its February 1955 debut, is another timeless treasure with a loyal resale market. Choose vintage styles for a unique edge.

Louis Vuitton

Neverfull by Louis Vuitton is a practical tote that holds everything but loses none of its value. Classic monogram or Damier canvas options retain up to 120% of their retail price. Investing in a Neverfull isn’t just about having a stylish tote; it’s a strategic move towards a piece that combines fashion and financial wisdom.

Another great option under the label is Louis Vuitton Speedy. As a timeless icon, the Speedy has been loved by generations and shows no signs of slowing down. Opt for classic sizes and colors for consistent resale value.


Re-Edition 2000 by Prada is where nostalgia meets the modern edge. In this reimagined classic, Nylon styles with the iconic Prada triangle logo are hot sellers, reaching 150% resale value. What makes the Re-Edition 2000 stand out is its ability to seamlessly blend the best of both worlds – nostalgia and contemporary style. Prada has successfully taken a classic and given it a fresh perspective, resonating with a new generation while still capturing the hearts of those who remember the original.

And if totes are more of your style, check out the Galleria Tote by Prada. It’s a polished powerhouse, perfect for work and weekend adventures. Look for neutral leather options for lasting value. The iconic Prada logo embellishes the exterior, adding a touch of luxury to its practicality.


Dior Saddle Bag is the early 2000s icon that has made a comeback in a big way. Look for the signature D saddle flap and statement hardware for a cool retro investment. This designer piece seamlessly bridges the gap between eras, making it a desirable handbag for those who appreciate vintage-inspired pieces.

From chunky buckles to prominent logos, these details make the Dior Saddle Bag a standout piece in the world of fashion accessories.


In the world of handbags, the Gucci Jackie stands as a symbol of timeless refinement. With a nod to the past and a contemporary update, it transforms into a chic and classic accessory. Opting for the structured hobo shape and the signature bamboo handle ensures that the Gucci Jackie remains not just a bag but an elegant statement piece in the luxury handbag collection.

Bottega Veneta

The Jodie offers versatility in style – a bag that effortlessly transitions from casual outings to more formal occasions. Its puffy structure brings a touch of playfulness, while the leather exudes sophistication.

This duality allows the Jodie to complement a diverse range of outfits and settings. No wonder this one by Bottega Veneta doesn’t lose its value.


The Trapeze’s value lies in its simple yet timeless design. Its classic appeal ensures that it doesn’t lose its charm with passing trends. The clean lines and unassuming elegance make it a bag that remains in style, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate understated fashion.

What sets the Trapeze apart is its sustained resale worth. The simple design and appeal contribute to its enduring popularity in the resale value.


Fendi Baguette also takes the spotlight on this list. Whether embellished with purple paillettes or crafted from the iconic FF jacquard fabric, this luxury handbag has experienced remarkable appreciation since its debut in 1997.

With an initial price range of $1,000-$1,500, today’s Baguettes command prices between $2,950-$3,750. As reported, the demand for this gem is on a steady rise, showcasing its lasting charm in the fashion world.


The Telfar Shopping Bag has swiftly and steadily ascended in resale value over the past five years, earning its status as a standout piece. Known for its scarcity, this handbag consistently sells out.

Telfar Shopping bag perfectly exemplifies the attributes of a limited-quantity, collectible item that not only retains its value in the secondhand market but often sees an increase. Not to mention its timeless design that ensures it remains a favorite as a classic as well as a modern carry-on.

What to Expect When Investing in a Designer Handbag?

The ability of certain luxury designer handbags to retain or even appreciate value is a fascinating phenomenon with several contributing factors.

First of all, you cannot ignore the high-quality materials used and the premium craftsmanship. These bags are made with the finest materials like exotic leather, durable canvas, and sturdy hardware. Unlike fast fashion bags made with cheaper materials, these luxury pieces withstand wear and tear, making them long-term investments.

Also, owning a bag from a renowned luxury brand like Hermès, Chanel, or Louis Vuitton comes with a sense of exclusivity and prestige. These brands have histories steeped in fashion and craftsmanship, building reputations for excellence and desirability. Their iconic logos and design signatures become instantly recognizable symbols of status and luxury.

Final Word

However, it’s important to note that not all luxury handbags are guaranteed to appreciate in value. Factors like the specific model, brand, condition, and market trends can influence resale prices. It’s crucial to choose pieces with enduring appeal and invest wisely to maximize the potential for value retention.

So, there you have it! The charm of luxury handbags lies not just in their exquisite craftsmanship and design but also in their ability to go beyond mere accessories and become valuable investments, objects of desire, and even cultural icons.


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