Marketing to Global Audiences Through Marketing Translation Services

Marketing to Global Audiences Through Marketing Translation Services

There are many companies out there with remarkable service. However, they are missing out on global audiences because of language barriers. In certain places, you may need to register your business to provide services. Also, most countries prefer to see advertisements and services in the language they are accustomed to. Such barriers to entry and more can be broken by availing of marketing translation services. Moreover, you can market services that do not effectively need too many translations such as website development or creating applications.

 Whatever your business plan may be, partnering with a professional translation company could reap many benefits. 

Why are Translations Important for Global Business Requirements? 

Well, though English may be spoken by over a billion people. Many are not fluent or even understand the language. The same is the case for other languages like Mandarin, Hindi, or Spanish. To capture a market share of different regions, you need to translate and localize to be relatable. Many companies have done better in the new region, than where they began operating. Tesla, for example, has a plant in India to decrease costs and improve productivity. Mercedes Benz is another example.

When you expand to a new territory, you also need staff members in that region in certain cases. A professional translation company can help you establish seamless communication with foreign staff members. There are also legal requirements for conducting business.  These requirements may also include that you translate all your client contracts and more. Since money is the most important factor, financial translation services may be used often to translate financial documents.

Setting up shop through translators in different regions also helps you make more money. For example, website developers are cheaper in Bangladesh, while clients in the USA offer the most money. If you have offices in both countries, you can market from the US while the work is completed on lower wages in Bangladesh.

Important Things to Consider for Marketing Translation Services

While marketing translation services are a key factor in determining that your audiences understand you. Here are certain considerations one must take into account when availing them. Make sure your professional translation service provider understands these factors:

Cultural Differences

Your translation partners not only need to be fluent in the language. They must also understand cultural context and differences. Because this is what guarantees that your content resonates with your target audience. Hence ideally your translators should know the domain they are translating. Moreover, it is best if they are also local speakers or have local speakers on their team.

The SEO Factor

You already know that your website and social media presence are of prime significance. These are important for any business in the current and coming era. Hence, translating your website or social media content for new regions is an absolute must for communication. But it also helps increase your website’s credibility on search engines. Professional translators can help rank your website in the different regions you are catering your service to. For example, those who search in Spanish will get results in Spanish, English users in English, and so on.

Maintaining Consistency

Your message, tone, and brand voice must be consistent across all channels that you use. Be it the website, social media, TV adverts, or your answering machines. A brand’s voice is the core personality of your company. Are you laidback? Are you aggressive? Or are you formal/informal? And things as such. To ensure a consistent voice on your channels, you need to work long-term with the same team.

Tech Savvy

Moving on, the translation partner you choose must be tech-savvy. Yes, that’s right. They should know how to make best use of different AI software and be able to handle UI features. This ensures there is no lag in your work and it is completed in time without any quality compromises. Moreover, experts will ensure that any mistakes that the AI makes are quickly amended. 

Feedback System

There should be a precise feedback system where teams can collaborate on issues and how to resolve them quickly. Feedback can be gathered by team members, local speakers, and your target audience themselves. You see, many companies (big and small) offer discount vouchers or prizes for users to complete surveys. This system will ensure that you know how well your translation partners are working.

Bottom Line 

It does take quite a lot of effort and often time to offer your marketing services in other countries. However, having translation partners can certainly help in breaking the red tape of communication. But it is well worth the effort, many marketing companies have made millions through global offices. It is a great way to expand into different global economies, and often in lowering the cost of operations. However, it is all about research and planning on how you can reap the most benefit from translation services. So, are you ready? 


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