Salwar Kameez Trends in 2023: What Will Be Trendy In 2024?

Salwar Kameez Trends in 2023: What Will Be Trendy In 2024?

Trends come and go but the basic essence of fashion stays. And that is what happens with every piece of clothing in the arena of Indian fashion. Whether it is sarees or lehengas, you will notice different designs and colors come and go. It all depends on the tastes and preferences of the consumers at the time as well as the decisions of the fashionistas. You can always tell what is going to be the next big trend by looking at the pages of the Instagram fashion influencers.

Now coming to salwar kameez, this is one of the most popular outfits in India. Not only is it extremely comfortable to wear but also available in many different designs and colors which makes them very desirable to own. You will find salwar kameez to be very versatile, so you can wear them to all kinds of occasions and you can wear them daily as well. No wonder salwar kameez is such a staple outfit of India. So, to help you make the correct decisions regarding this wonderful outfit, here are some of the upcoming trends of this outfit in 2024 to try out.

Trends are Ever Changing

Remember that trends are always changing. You can’t even count on them to stick around for a month. We all scroll on Instagram reels for several hours a day. So, surely you must have noticed the futile nature of trends these days. Not only are they ever changing but also lead to a lot of waste and dissatisfaction. So, instead of falling victim to the ever-changing trends, try to find a common ground and go for basic and timeless pieces that will stay in style for a long time.

Now that we are done with that, let’s get to the possible upcoming trends in 2024.

salwar kameez

Variety in Styles

One thing that salwar kameez always ensures is the great range of designs it offers. From sharara suits to Punjabi suits, you can really find a design that actually fits your styles and preferences. So, here are some of the different styles you can try out:

salwar kameez

  • Sharara suits: Sharara suits are the epitome of beauty and elegance. Their wide legged bottoms exactly match the style that the GenZ kids love. Available in many different colors, sharara suits are a great option when you want the ease of mobility and style at the same time. 
  • Patiala Suit: A Patiala suit is a great and refreshing option when it comes to salwar kameez. Filled with vibrant colors and bold designs, this suit is the perfect choice for when you want to stand out from the crowd. 
  • Pakistani Suit: Ever since the blowup of Pakistani serials in India, there is nothing Indian women love more than wearing those long and sleek Pakistani suits. So, try out different colors to shine in these minimalist and elegant suits. 
  • Anarkali suit: An Anarkali suit is filled with extravagant designs and vivid colors, making it the absolute best choice when it comes to fancy events and big functions. 
  • Palazzo suit: Palazzos are cool pants that many people like wearing these days. With palazzo pants you can wear with any kameez to look stylish and beautiful. You can make combination of different colors palazzo and kameez. Have fun by trying different pants and kameez out different styles!

Changing Colors

Colors are the best (and the easiest) way to get into the changing fashion trends. After the pastel and earthy colors of 2023, 2024 will definitely be filled with a lot of vibrancy and bling. From bright reds to dark greens, you will definitely not go out of colors when it comes to salwar kameez trends in 2024. So, find your own color palette and go crazy with it! Mix and match the colors and find one that works for you. From yellows to oranges, from pinks to purples, the options are endless. So, don’t be afraid to experiment.

salwar kameez

Traditional Embroidery

There is one aspect of Indian fashion that never goes out of style, and that is traditional embroidery designs. Obviously, chikankari and Banarasi styles will never go out of fashion. Do you think people will ever stop wearing Bandhani designs or gota patti styles? This is the timeless beauty of traditional Indian designs. 

On top of that, what is better than supporting the traditional and local handicraft of India? The incredible talent and effort of the craftsmen is totally reflected in the elaborate details and designs of the salwar kameez. So, it won’t just count as social work to support these handicrafts but also fashion! 

Customization: Customer is King!

There is nothing more a customer loves than customizing an outfit to their exact tastes and preferences. Sometimes you just can’t find the right salwar kameez design available in the market off the rack. In that case, the best option is to choose your choice of fabric and get it altered according to your preferences. This is your opportunity to go all adventurous with the designs. Be it chikankari or aari, be it silk or cotton, you are the king of your choices. Ultimately, the salwar kameez will be perfectly aligned to your whims and fancies. It’s a win-win situation!

Fashion in Fusion

Another trend that never goes out of style is fusion fashion. Globalization never stops and one of its great and unobserved advantages is the popularity of fusion fashion. Imagine combining the traditional Indian garment of salwar kameez with a fancy American pant. You can take inspiration from the fancy dresses of Paris fashion houses or the jewelry trends of Milan. This way, you can combine the fashion trends from fashion centers all over the world and come up with the ultimate fusion outfit. After all, why go simple when you can come up with the best style? 

Style in Simplicity 

Ever since the pandemic, minimalism and simplicity have settled in people’s minds just like the salwar kameez itself. Especially seeing the growing problems in the world, people are going to stray more and more towards a minimalist mindset. This minimalism will also apply to fashion, and salwar kameez is no stranger to the minimalism trend. Pastel and plain colors will make a comeback and simple designs would win the day. 


Women across the world really like wearing salwar kameez, and there are a few good reasons for that. One reason is that salwar kameez comes in many different styles, neck designs, different sleeves so you can pick the one you like. But the main reason is that they are not too expensive, and you can find them in different prices. Salwar kameez price range can afford by all the people can buy and wear salwar kameez. So, you can buy cheaper ones for regular days and fancy salwar kameez for special occasions.

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