Stunning Colors & Combinations for Bridesmaid Wedding Dresses

Stunning Colors & Combinations for Bridesmaid Wedding Dresses

“A cheerful bridesmaid makes a cheerful bride.”

It’s beautiful to have your friends support you on your wedding day. They add even more charm and special touch to each moment making the event a memorable one. In addition to providing excellent advice, bridesmaids assist in maintaining a comfort level so that you never lose your cool. 

One of the most exciting aspects of the biggest day of your life is selecting your wedding gown and the color of your bridesmaid dresses. Should your bridesmaids choose more stylish clothing or the traditional one? It’s critical to decide initially. The bridesmaids’ color scheme should also take into account each person’s skin tone. Moreover, if you have a younger sister or cousin, you should also review a Junior Bridesmaid Dress or styling ideas to create perfect crew coordination.

To help you find the perfect dress, scroll down to see some of the best colors & combinations for bridesmaid dresses.

Blush Pink

Blush pink bridesmaid gowns are a stylish and vibrant option. This shade has an irresistible charm. It also beautifully matches all skin tones.

Since most designers offer a range of dresses in each shade, your bridesmaids can choose their preferred pink style with ease

Rose Gold & Burgundy

Searching for something striking and lovely? In the fashion world, this timeless combo is quite popular. If the bridesmaids choose these rich colors for the special day, they will undoubtedly look stunning.

For an elegant look, wear little jewelry with this color dress.

Complete White

Dress to Impress, Dress in white!

White is a subtle yet rich color. It is for more than simply the bride. The bridesmaids look gorgeous in a range of ivory and white outfits. Nearly any wedding theme, from traditional to rustic, looks great with this bridesmaid dress color scheme.

For beach weddings, short sundresses look great, and long evening gowns are ideal for an elegant, glamorous event.

Something in Blue or Navy Blue

A stylish color for every season is blue or navy blue. You should choose this color scheme if you want your bridesmaids to appear classy and seductive on your special day. 

To lessen the ceremonial atmosphere of this color tone, style blue bridesmaid dresses with varying necklines.

Teal and White

Bridal party dress colors that never go out of style are teal and white. These shades will add excitement and cheer to any event, and they are perfect for an outdoor wedding.

You can select from a range of designs and styles to opt for the best option for your bridesmaid.

Black Love

Black is always elegant. Made up of every color in the pallet, it is the most complete color in the entire universe.

Why not let your bridesmaid wear black on your wedding day? Your ladies will look and feel fantastic in Black Bridesmaid Apparel. It is the most gorgeous color, complementing all skin tones. Moreover, this color is a perfect option for junior bridesmaid dresses too. You can use a variety of stuff, such as velvet, sequins, or satin, to make an impression. Dresses made of the same material work best for a formal wedding look.

Red and Black

Black and bright red make a stunning combo for bridesmaid dresses. Both shades are equally stunning and will give your girls unique attractive looks. This color scheme would look stunning at any time of year, but it’s perfect for winter weddings.

Glamorous Gold

Do you want your bridesmaid to have an appealing and lovely look? Then, this shade is an absolute joy.

This is a lavish color choice and it signifies the class and confidence of a woman.

Pink & Blue

Pink and blue are a stunning combo for bridesmaid dresses. The greatest thing about this color scheme is that no matter whatever shade you choose for any color, complement one another so well. 

Shimmery Silver

Your girls will stand out if you give them a unique look. Silver bridesmaid dresses are stunning and glamorous, ideal for elegant weddings. Although shimmery dresses usually don’t need any accessories, you might add earrings if you like.

Since the dresses are perfect for New Year and other celebrations, your bridesmaids would not have any trouble repurposing them after your wedding.

Gorgeous Purple Shades

Purple bridesmaid dresses are trending now. Whatever shade you choose from lilac and lavender to deep blue, you girls are going to grab everyone’s attention for sure. 

Royal Blue

Any wedding theme or season can turn splendid with royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses. Allow your bridesmaids to choose their own dress designs as per their body shape so they can feel stylish and comfortable at the same time.

When paired with pure silver or gold, this shade appears extremely stylish.

Gold & white

Seeking the ideal colors for bridesmaid dresses for a wedding? Try gold and white! All skin tones look well with this color palette. To improve your appearance, you can wear a variety of accessories.

Emerald Green

“Lively, radiant, and lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance, and harmony.”Pantone

It is one of the most popular colors among the bridesmaids. Although it looks amazing all year round, this shade is perfect for fall & winter weddings.

Deep Sea

Deep sea color is quite fashionable and versatile. Every wedding theme goes well with this bridesmaid dress color, and it looks stunning on all those who wear it.


A wine bridesmaid dress color gives your wedding a luxurious feel. Your group will love this color scheme since it speaks of class and elegance.

Dark teal 

On your big day, give your squad something special to wear. Teal is a very beautiful color for a wedding. It’s a popular choice because of its deep green and blue color.


Yellow is also a quite popular color for the wedding. There are plenty of options, from pastels to dark colors to bright ones. The variety of materials is another exciting factor to think about. Besides, it is a cute color option for designing junior bridesmaid dresses for younger girls.

Gold & orange

Orange bridesmaid dresses are the newest fashion in weddings these days. It will make your bridesmaid more noticeable among the others. When it comes to orange shades, there are numerous fabric options.

Use a rich shade of gold to balance out this brilliant color, which may initially look too overwhelming.

Final words

Perfect bridesmaid dresses can turn your big day into a grand event that will leave a lasting impact on everybody attending the event. Moreover, you can pick from a range of options. Hence, it’s crucial to select the ideal bridesmaid dresses that will complement your wedding theme in terms of color and style.

We truly hope that our wedding bridesmaid dress ideas have given you some inspiration. Which shade is your favorite? Or which dress color combination are you going to wear for your next wedding event? Feel free to share with us.

For more such trendy and interesting posts on wedding outfits and bridesmaid dresses, you can visit the Model Chic website and develop a new fashion sense! 



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