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Super Mario Zombies: A Mashup of Two Classic Worlds

If you’re looking for a mashup of two classic worlds, look no further than Super Mario Zombies. This is a game that takes inspiration from both Super Mario Galaxy and No Man’s Sky, and it is certainly worth checking out.

Zombie Boos are ghostly enemies from the Mario franchise that are a popular staple in the series. They appear as white, spherical creatures with levitating heads that are capable of attacking the player.

Zombie Wario

If you want to give Mario a bit of a ghoulish makeover this Halloween, there’s a new cosmetic option in Super Mario Odyssey. Upon completion of the game’s main story, players will be able to buy Zombie Headwear and Zombie Outfit.

Zombies are enemies found in Wario Land II and they have grey or green skin color. They appear as motionless heads in dark areas and will throw their heads at Wario if he comes in contact with them.

They can be defeated by attacking them, but they quickly respawn after defeating them. They can also give Wario a temporary power. When they’re hit by a fireball, they become a flaming ball that can burn away certain obstacles.

Zombie Bowser

In the Mushroom Kingdom, everything changed when Bowser decided to turn his loyal mushroom servants into zombies. In Super Mario Zombies: A Mashup of Two Classic Worlds, the ghoulish enemy army is taking over the land and it’s up to our favorite mushroom king to stand up to the threat.

Zombie Mario is the latest in a series of costumes Nintendo has added to Super Mario Odyssey since release. He joins a roster that already includes Conductor Mario, Satellaview Mario, Sunshine Mario, Baseball Mario, and Knight Mario.

Zombie Bloober Babies

A unique attack in Super Mario Zombies: A Mashup of Two Classic Worlds is when Kamek summons an army of Dry Bones. This spawns several Bones that are charged around Mario from either side and can be thrown at him for quite a bit of damage.

Zombie Bloober Babies are a type of zombie enemy in the game that resembles a Bloober. They are also the first boss enemies to appear in Super Mario Zombies: A Mashup.

Zombie Bloober Babies were created by Bowser as a way to destroy Yoshi’s Island and reclaim the Cobalt Star Shard that he took from the brothers. They were able to do this because they mutated from garbage.

Zombie Firesnakes

Those that prefer a more classic style of gameplay will find some more familiar enemies in Super Mario Zombies. While some are merely bosses or have special abilities, others are actually actual enemies that can be defeated in the game.

Boo Buddies: Shy Ghosts that won’t approach the player when they’re looked at. Some will even spin in a circular formation, bounce or rebound diagonally off walls and ceilings, and turn into blocks when they’re not looked at.

Thwomp: Larger-normal-Thwomps that break though hard blocks, and can be fried with five fireballs. Grrrol: A smaller-normal-Thwomp that doesn’t break through hard blocks.

Fishbone: Darting fish skeletons that can lock on to the player as their eyes turn red and launch themselves in their direction. They are impervious to fireballs, but can be beaten with projectiles.

Zombie Boos

The first thing you’ll notice in Super Mario Zombies: A Mashup of Two Classic Worlds is how gorgeous the levels look. From the haunted house stages with cobwebs and glittering gemstones to the spooky toxic lakes littered with precarious, tilting pipes, the graphics are vibrant, creative and exciting.

Boos are a staple enemy in the Mario series, appearing in every main game. They are also frequently encountered in Mario spin-off games, either as enemies or scenery.

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