When A Small Business Should Seek HR Support

When A Small Business Should Seek HR Support

When growth is rapid

In other articles on this topic, this heading might read ‘when growth is fast and showing no signs of slowing down’.

Except, if you work with an Outsourced HR Consultant, you can have the support you need during times of rapid growth, without the long-term commitment of resourcing. 

Although growth can be super exciting and what your teams have been working towards, it can also be extremely challenging. Firstly, as it typically requires demand to come in first, sometimes flooding existing teams to a maximum. This can require management to ensure that everyone is supported and has all the tools they need to continue working, even with a slightly bigger workload. 

Secondly, it’s imperative that the business takes the time to recruit, interview and onboard the right people that are suited to the organisation. Hiring takes time and is a unique skill set. Hiring the wrong people for the job can have a negative and enduring impact on the rest of the team. 

Finally, growth is admin-heavy as well as demanding for decision makers. HR can help guide you through this period, taking off the load of some of the admin, approvals and so on. But working with a professional HR consultant or outsourced team will mean they can offer their own expertise for improvements; new processes or structures that should be implemented for a larger team. They can also help you through restructuring, designing the organisation, support through the change and communication with the wider team as well as identifying skills gaps and building a strategy that you can take over or let them keep running with after things have settled down. 

When company culture needs to be developed

Culture isn’t one of those things that stops when you’re not paying attention to it. 

It evolves and grows like its own living thing. On one hand, it won’t just naturally occur overtime, it requires input. It can also get a little out of hand or wayward, if not kept in check, even growing toxic. But a little more likely, it can just veer off-brand, and perhaps not accurately represent the company the way you’d like it to. 

Developing and building company culture is something that should take more consideration than is often expected. You can’t correct the course by organising a party, drinks on a friday afternoon or changing a couple of policies and procedures. Things tend to run a little deeper than that. 

Making considered changes that employees believe in and buy-into (afterall, the whole reason you want a positive, thriving company culture in the first place), often start with feedback or digging into the current state of things. Then, it can require an entire HR strategy. 

Culture runs deep. To re-align the atmosphere in the workplace with the environment you want to project, you may need to go back to basics, offer coaching, management training, promote a environment of internal opportunities, knowledge sharing — as well as those fun things like unlimited PTO, flexible working hours, sabbaticals and socials. 

When team development should be aligned with the business’ strategic goals

It is natural for individuals to be looking to progress within their roles; looking for how they can deliver more, achieve more and get more in return, from the company they work for. 

This is a positive thing. It shows commitment and drive for the company. 

However, it’s very unlikely that your organisation will be in the position to offer out deserved promotions and appropriate bumps in salary every single time it’s asked. Not just because of the obvious financial limitations, but also because you need to be sure that the individual is achieving and exceeding the expectations of their current role before moving them forwards. But also, what else will they deliver in a new, higher role? What will the responsibilities be? Is there space? Is there a need? Does this align with the ultimate direction for the business? 

These decisions can be make-or-break for a small business. They also must be handled carefully, to protect the relationships with all employees looking to take the next step up. 

An impartial, external HR professional can help businesses design personal development and progression frameworks, standardising and tailoring the competencies and requirements of each job role. They can also work with you to design leadership training, moving individuals into more senior positions gradually, ensuring that you retain employees. 

Furthermore, they can operate on the strategic level, consulting with c-suite executives to plan the future of the business, making sure that human resources, the skills within the business are suitable for the plans ahead. They will be able to offer data and support decision-making, ensuring that the humans that power your business are prepared for anything you have coming up. 

When recruitment is costly or turnover is unduly high 

Seen a big influx or resignations? Can’t put your finger on what’s changed? 

It might be time to call in someone external – without a bias or a pre-formed opinion, someone who can help you get to the bottom of why people are choosing to leave your company, whether for competitors, better compensation or because of the working environment.

HR consultants or teams are often brought in during times of recruitment, but you need to make sure you’re working with the right HR provider if you want a holistic approach to solving this problem; to make recruiting easier, but also to retain your current employees for longer. 

Sometimes it takes someone with a little distance, as well as the right resource, to solely dedicate to a task as big as this and to understand the truth of what’s happening. Employees aren’t always honest with their managers, or in-house teams. Bringing in outside consultants can actually help here, all whilst they also bring their experience of how other companies solve these problems, what they offer as benefits or compensation, which initiatives really make a difference for employee engagement and commitment. 

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