Cedar Wood Siding: A Complete Guide

Cedar Wood Siding: A Complete Guide

Let’s say you are building a new home and want both aesthetics and durability in check. Only then can you ensure your home’s market value keeps growing while retaining strength and aesthetics. Cedar wood is a great option if this sounds like your priorities owing to its versatile and adaptable solutions.

This makes it a popular material for exterior siding – aesthetics, durability, and sustainability make it the ideal choice. Read on to find out why this is an ideal option for your house.

Understanding Cedar Wood

One kind of softwood with a distinctive appearance and pest resistance is cedar wood. It can handle severe wear and tear without rotting. Two major types used in home construction are Eastern White Cedar and Western Red Cedar.

The latter is a rich reddish-brown color with prominent grain patterns, whilst the former is lighter and has finer grain. Due to the variety of forms and designs available, homeowners can always achieve the exact look they desire with cedar wood siding. There are numerous main types of cedar siding to choose from:

a. Shingles

To produce a smooth, consistent appearance, thin, tapering cedar shingles overlap. Shingles are a classic addition that lends refinement to antique or coastal homes.

b. Shakes

The surface of shakes is thicker and rougher compared to shingles. This will give your home a vintage and rustic appearance thanks to its handmade look and feel. If you are constructing a traditional home or cottage, go for this variety.

c. Bevel Siding

Also called clapboard, this material is a good option for horizontal siding. It is made by overlapping thin and wedge-shaped boards. This will give your home a clean and classic look based on whatever architectural design you are going for.

c. Board and Batten

This design alternates narrow strips (battens) with wide boards (boards). Board and batten cedar siding, which is frequently found on barns and farmhouses, gives the outside a rustic, vertical depth.

Installation Considerations

To get the most out of cedar wood siding, proper installation is essential. Securing a tight fit, appropriate sealing, and efficient moisture control are guaranteed by expert installation. In addition to the previously stated designs, cedar siding can be put in a variety of ways.

This includes horizontal, vertical, and diagonal applications. Keep in mind that you need to leave a small space between boards or shingles. Only then can the boards expand or contract based on the temperature and humidity of your location. Go for a good sealant while installing the siding to ensure longevity and protection.

How to Maintain Your Cedar Siding

Yes, cedar wood is durable. But like all materials, it too needs good maintenance to retain its aesthetic and structural integrity. Here are some vital pointers to care for your lifetime investment:

a. Stain or Sealant Application

To shield the wood from insects, moisture, and UV rays, apply a high-quality stain or sealant every few years. This process helps shield the wood from early aging and preserves its color.

b. Inspection and Repairs

Check your cedar siding regularly for damage indicators like splits, cracks, and loose boards. Deal with any problems as soon as possible to save more harm and preserve integrity.

c. Trim Vegetation

To avoid moisture buildup and deter insects, keep trees, bushes, and plants away from the siding. Reduce any overhanging branches near your home or where the wood is to reduce the possibility of debris falling.

Cost Considerations

Although cedar wood siding requires an initial expenditure, its many advantages and durability make it worth it. The type of cedar, siding design, and installation intricacy are just a few examples of what might affect the final cost. You need to get estimates from good contractors to ensure lasting maintenance and energy cost reductions.


If you are looking for a classic exterior siding option, then cedar wood is going to be your best friend. It is sustainable and won’t decay or break easily. This makes it a good option to make your home visually and structurally strong. This means that selecting cedar wood siding is more than just picking a material—it’s about preparing your home for a generation of elegance and unspoiled beauty.


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