Kogal Gyaru Makeup – A Bold and Dramatic Look

Kogal Gyaru Makeup – A Bold and Dramatic Look

Kogal is a sub-style of gyaru that revolves around a more youthful, student-like aesthetic. It’s often depicted in anime and is a huge part of Japan’s gyaru subculture.

This style was inspired by American Valley Girls and incorporated a solid base tan as well as bleached blonde hair. It was a direct fashion revolt against Japanese beauty conventions and became the basis for many modern Gyaru styles.


The eyes in Kogal Gyaru Makeup are usually quite large and prominent. This is due to the use of eyeliner, false lashes and other makeup products that create a bold and dramatic look.

This style of makeup is very striking and can be achieved by applying a lot of black eyeliner to the upper and lower lash lines as well as false lashes, mascara, and eyeshadow on the eyes to make them appear bigger and more vibrant. You can also add a little bronzer to your makeup routine, but this is not necessary for the look of Kogal Gyaru.

This subculture is mainly characterized by dramatic makeup, dyed hair, and bright colored nails. It also focuses on materialism and social status, as girls often have designer bags and jewelry. They also have a very sociable lifestyle, as they hang out with other gyaru and enjoy reading fashion magazines.


In kogyaru makeup the lips are often slightly blushed and pink. The lips are also made to look a little bit doll-like with fake eyelashes.

Kogals are usually school girls who wear a shortened skirt, a big cardigan and sometimes a scarf. They are often seen around Shibuya or Harajuku.

They also like to hang out with their friends in a social setting and they are known to have lots of cultures that spread throughout the country. Some of them are pretty sociable and they invented unique phrases and words that are still used today.

Another trend that boomed amongst kogals was Pokebell, which is a device that exchanges messages with each other. It became a major trend in Japan, and was even featured on TV!

Ganguro is a style that originated in the late 90s and early 2000s. It is a bonkers and extremely sexy style that was inspired by the surf culture of Californian surfer girls in the nineties. It was a lot more extreme than other gyaru fashion tribes.


Kogal Gyaru Makeup is a bold and dramatic look that combines big dramatic eyes with slightly blushed checks and pink colored lips. It is a very popular look among Japanese girls who love to show off their personality and style.

Typically kogyaru makeup involves using fake eyelashes to make your eyes appear bigger and a white panda-eye effect is also common. It is also a good idea to use some mascara and eyeliner to make your eyes stand out even more.

Kogals also started to dye their hair light and bright colors, and tan their skin in summer-obsessed fashions that mimicked surf culture and Los Angeles fashion from the 1970’s. Their clothing became more revealing and the platform boots they wore were gigantic and men-repelling.


Kogals are known to dye their hair a light brown or blonde colour. They also tan their skin, which is a huge part of the Gyaru subculture.

They also paint their nails with different colors and often, they put a lot of stickers and small crystals on it. Usually, they will accessorize their phones as well and you will rarely see a kogal with no phone accessories at all.

The kogal look, or kogiyaru, is a type of fashion culture that involves school girls wearing an outfit based on Japanese uniforms with very short skirts. They may also wear loose socks and scarves, and have dyed hair.

The kogiyaru look is similar to the American Valley Girl of the 1980s, and it has some linguistic similarities as well. Like a lot of other gyaru subcultures, the kogal culture has derived entire sets of slang words.

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