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Navigating The Project Management Landscape: A Comprehensive Guide To Top Tools In 2024

In today’s competitive business world, organizations face more demanding challenges and need intelligent project management solutions to get things done faster and better.

Good project management software helps companies streamline work, improve collaboration, and use time and resources wisely. It ensures projects finish on time, without overspending, and efficiently utilizes resources, which is crucial for businesses’ growth and success. Both big and small businesses must invest in the right software to succeed.

Top Seven Project Management Software You Can Consider In 2024

  • SmartSuite 
  • Hive software
  • Freedcamp
  • Todoist
  • Microsoft products
  • Jira
  • ClickUp


SmartSuite is a versatile project management and collaboration tool that prioritizes transparency, accessibility, and adaptability for various business growth stages.


The Free Forever Plan allows up to 3 users and features automation and user role permissions. Paid plans include Team ($10/month), Professional ($25/month), and Enterprise ($35/month) with monthly billing options.


  • The tool has different ways to see work and helps teams collaborate. 
  • It updates in real-time and keeps track of activities. 
  • It manages tasks and provides 200 project templates. It works in 15 languages for global collaboration. 
  • It easily connects with other tools through native integrations and Zapier

Facts To Consider 

SmartSuite is a project management tool with features like data import/export, 50GB of file storage, upfront pricing, and a 14-day free trial. It offers priority support for Enterprise and advanced security features. 

However, it requires a free trial and may cost more as users grow. SmartSuite’s upfront pricing and feature accessibility make it a valuable option for businesses considering their team’s needs and growth trajectory.


Hive Software is a cloud-based project management tool that streamlines team collaboration, manages project-related tasks, and offers features like project management, time tracking, goals, collaboration, messaging, and analytics, accessible via web, Android, and iOS.


It offers two pricing plans. Free and team. Team plan costs $12 / month. 


  • Hive’s “Project Management” feature is a crucial tool for project teams, enabling efficient management and communication.
  • It also offers Time Tracking, allowing easy planning and resource allocation, ensuring project success. 
  • The “Analytics” feature provides valuable insights and enables remote collaboration with team members.

Facts To Consider

Hive is a versatile project management tool suitable for teams of all sizes, enabling real-time collaboration and complex projects with multiple tasks and deadlines. Its intuitive interface and wide range of features make it ideal for all teams.


Freedcamp is a project management software that offers tools for tasks, calendars, files, and team communication. It provides a free version with most features of its paid version, unlimited user capability, and advanced features like time tracking and invoicing, providing superior experience. 


Freedcamp project management provides unlimited users for all plans, allowing you to invite as many people as needed without incurring additional costs.


  • Freedcamp is a project tool. It helps share tasks and files. It has dashboards, notifications, and works on iOS and Android. 
  • There’s a Gantt chart for seeing project progress. Security is good with a strong password manager.
  • It connects with Google SSO, Okta, and Microsoft Azure AD.
  • It does budget and reports, tracks time for invoices, and follows team progress.

Facts To Consider

Freedcamp is an award-winning project management tool with features like task lists, Kanban boards, subtasks, Gantt charts, and time tracking. It’s customizable, affordable, and integrates with Google Drive, Trello, and Slack. Its active community offers tutorials, resources, and support, and its mobile app allows remote work. 


Todoist is an essential project management tool with affordable features, but it is not ideal for teams with complex projects or large data volumes.


Todoist pricing starts at $0 per month for five active projects and five users, increases to $4 per month for 300 active projects and 25 users, and $6 per month for 500 active projects.


  • The system offers user types for member, guest, and collaborator, task management with reminders and timers,
  • It offers admin security controls, work templates for education, design, and writing.
  • It provides integrations for productivity, scheduling, and automation.

Facts To Consider

Todoist is a low-cost, simple collaboration tool suitable for startups, small and large teams. It’s simple features and low costs make it an ideal alternative to complex software. However, it may not be as feature rich as other competitors. Todoist’s simplicity and low prices make it an excellent choice for those overwhelmed by other tools.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is robust project management software suitable for medium and large teams, offering various purchase options and a one-month free trial. It’s not included in Microsoft 365 but can be integrated post-purchase.


Microsoft Project offers various plans, including on-premises, cloud, subscription, and one-time purchase versions.

The Project Standard 2021 costs $679.99, while the Professional 2021 costs $1,129.99. Microsoft partners also offer Project Server subscriptions.


  • Microsoft Project offers cloud and on-premises versions,
  • It allows multiple work views, communication, collaboration, reporting templates, and timesheets.
  • Offers enterprise resource planning (ERP) for large teams and communication and collaboration tools for projects and tasks.

Facts To Consider

Microsoft Project is an excellent solution for medium and large teams, offering efficient project resource management. However, it may have a learning curve due to its extensive features, be costly for small or new teams, and lack a free plan. It can be standalone without Microsoft 365 and is ideal for maintaining project continuity in large teams.


Jira Service Management is a tool that tracks projects. It helps see data, make reports, and set up things. It’s best for groups using Jira or BitBucket. But it’s not so good for general project management.


Jira offers various pricing plans for teams with more than 800 users. Standard procedures start at $0 for up to 10 users, while premium plans start at $15.25 per user per month and $1,525 annually for 1 to 10 users.


  • The tool allows users to visualize project data using various views, import existing work.
  • It also creates project issues and collects data through forms.
  • It integrates with Jira Service Management and other Atlassian tools and offers 20 prebuilt templates for finance, marketing, human resources, and legal teams.

Facts To Consider

Jira Service Management is a strong project tool. It works with many apps and has tools for tasks. It comes with BitBucket, Crucible, and Trello. Tracking work needs some learning, especially for non-software teams. It’s not as developed as regular Jira, but it’s helpful for Agile, bugs, and issues


ClickUp, a San Diego-based startup, has rapidly become a top project management software provider in just five years. It offers a range of project views, tools, and affordable subscriptions for various team sizes.


ClickUp pricing options include free forever, unlimited, business, and enterprise pricing, with quotes available upon request.


  • ClickUp allows users to visualize project data in various views, create and modify tasks.
  • It manages platform features and security, track and visualize data through Dashboards.
  • It imports data from multiple platforms like Monday, Asana, Trello, Jira Software, Wrike, Basecamp, and Todoist.

Facts To Consider

ClickUp is an affordable project management software with many plans, robust configuration, and over 1,000 integrations. It offers customizable workflows and a friendly user interface, making it a top choice for users of all technical levels.

Now, It Is Up To You.

Picking the right tool for projects is super important. We discussed different ones, like SmartSuite, Hive, Freedcamp, Todoist, Microsoft Project, Jira, and ClickUp.

SmartSuite is clear and accessible. Hive helps teams work together well. Freedcamp is free and has excellent features. Todoist is simple and cheap. Microsoft Project is suitable for big teams. Jira is great for Agile teams. ClickUp is new but has lots of options.

Choosing the right tool is like picking the best road for your project journey. Think about what you need; the future will have even more incredible tools for us!

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