Simple Maintenance, Elegant Style: The Appeal of Luvme Hair Short Wigs

Simple Maintenance, Elegant Style: The Appeal of Luvme Hair Short Wigs

Are you fed up with frequently dealing with sweaty necks, uncomfortable ponytails, and the care associated with long hairstyles? Then, you’ll want to consider short wigs for black women.

Wigs are quite popularly known to transform looks by adding style and beauty. However, its different varieties help to give you a hair upgrade effortlessly. Short wigs are particularly perfect for those with short hair.

Short wigs can be very appealing, convenient, and worn several times. Getting yourself the most suitable short wig might come as a cumbersome task as you may want to explore a variety of styles. That is no problem! Get the most out of your shopping with the right information.

Table of Contents

  • What are Different Short Wig Styles Available?

  • How to Choose the Right Short Wig for Your Face Shape

  • Why Do Women Prefer Luvme Hair Short Wigs

  • Where Can I Buy Short Wigs?

  • Conclusion

What are Different Short Wig Styles Available?

Short wigs instantaneously transform your looks. They are simply lightweight, comfy, and cooler; they are the perfect style if you’re looking forward to appearing effortlessly gorgeous.

Short wigs are a popular choice for most women, offering so many variations. With a range of styles and colors available to choose from, you can try out different looks and find which best suits your style. Here are some of the available short wig styles that can help to transform your looks.

Pixie Cut Wig

A pixie cut wig is the go-to wig for those looking to inject some youthful beauty and glamor into their appearance. Pixie styles offer a bold and confident look. You can choose from a variety of colors and textures, ranging from sleek and straight to curly and voluminous. With a pixie cut wig, you can get an ageless look without having to trim your hair.

Bob Short Hair Wig

This short wig is a versatile hairstyle that fits perfectly with any face shape and choice of style. The bob-style wig can vary from an ear-length wig to a shoulder-length wig. The bob wig also comes in a variety of layers and fringe lengths.

Short layered wig

Here’s a touch of sophistication with short layered wigs. Layers completely transform your looks, giving you a glamorous appearance. Short layered wigs are the must-have wigs for those who want a dazzling style that’s as versatile as it is stylish.

Short Straight Bob Wig

Are you looking for a work style or a chic and edgy style to serve you for a night out? A straight bob wig can do it all exclusively. With a straight bob wig, you’ll achieve a brilliant and stylish look.

Short Hair Wig with Fringe

A short hair wig with fringe is the go-to wig if you’re out to get a short hair wig that is convenient to style and maintain. The wig length rests just above the shoulder, making it a great option for those who want a short and manageable hairdo.

Short Blonde Hair wig

A short blonde hair wig is a stylish option for those seeking a short hair wig that’s both easy to maintain and has a nice blonde color.

Short Brown Hair Wig

Short brown wigs are a popular choice for women who desire to maintain a short and natural look. You can rock this style anytime, anywhere, and you won’t have to be doing too much as it’s suitable for anyone.

How to Choose the Right Short Wig for Your Face Shape

Matching clothing together with a proper hairstyle often creates stunning impressions. Face shape is one of the determinants of a dazzling look, and having the right hairstyle to go with it must be highly considered. Here, you’ll be getting some of the right short wigs for various face shapes;

Wig style for Oval Faces

An oval face usually has a narrow chin and a slightly rounded hairline. Oval faces are naturally considered the ideal face due to their symmetry. With this kind of face, you shouldn’t have any issue with your choice of wig. For oval faces, a bob hairstyle or chin-length layered style will best suit this facial shape.

Wig style for Square Faces

A square and angular jawline characterize the square face shape. With this facial outline, it is best to avoid straight and angular hairstyles, such as BOB. The choice of wig for this face shape is elevated and has elongated symmetry with narrow sides. Curly wigs will do great for the square face.

Wig style for Long faces

Long faces are usually narrow, with extended length giving a pointed chin. For people with long faces, a wig with a chin length is a good choice. A hairstyle with a length between the chin and shoulder would do just right.

Wig style for Round Faces

Round faces usually consist of a wide hairline and a circular form chin. A long hairstyle will best suit the round face and make it look narrower. Long hair wigs would make up for the rounded parts of cheeks and chin.

Why Do Women Prefer Luvme Hair Short Wigs

Generally, most women have a taste for long hair but would prefer short when in search of a new look. Short wigs are versatile and timeless; whichever style you’re looking to try out, you can’t get it wrong.

Most women who desire to try something new and have a change of appearance usually prefer short wigs. This preference for most women is a result of short wigs being easy to maintain as it doesn’t require you to spend a lot of hours trying to style your wig each day; they can be easily styled in any way you desire in a matter of minutes.

Also, short wigs are lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can go about your day without having to struggle with carrying too much on your head.

Where Can I Buy Short Wigs?

Get the perfect look with the stunning collections of short wigs available at Luvme Hair. You can’t get it wrong with their short wigs that come in various styles, textures, lengths, and colors.


And there you have it – short wigs that are appealing to your looks. The uniqueness of short styles is what makes them appealing. For the most part, proper maintenance of your wig is vital to keeping it in its perfectly styled shape. As you continue to rock your short wig, remember to pick a style that flows with your unique personality.

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