Your Commercial Cleaning Checklist: What Pros Can Help?

Your Commercial Cleaning Checklist: What Pros Can Help?

When you own a business, one of your many responsibilities is to keep it clean. There are measures you can take on your own as a manager. However, some aspects of maintaining a business clean may be better off left to contractors. Here are some suggestions for the best ways to use professional services to keep your business office clean.

Why Your Office Should Be Clean

Although having a clean office is a big plus when clients visit, keeping it clean is essential to provide your employees with a healthy environment to work in. The germs that spread disease are invisible. According to Oh So Spotless, a single germ can multiply itself 8 million times daily. Therefore, regular cleaning has become a necessity for responsible business managers.

Create a Culture of Infection Prevention

Companies can let their employees know that infection prevention is a corporate goal. Managers can post a sign reminding employees to stay home when ill. A package of tissues can be placed on each desk to encourage employees to use them. Another easy way to promote a germ-free environment is to place hand sanitizers at the entrance, exit, break room, and meeting rooms.

Arrange for the Basics of Office Cleaning

When you want to keep your office clean, it begins with an office cleaning contractor. These workers will sweep and mop your floors, and vacuum your rugs. If the office has a bathroom, they’ll keep it clean and keep the bathroom stocked with toilet paper, soap, and paper towels. If it is your preference, you can insist the cleaning service use only “green cleaning” products.

Keep Your Employees Safely Hydrated

According to Quench Water, hydrated employees are more productive and can focus better on their work. Providing your employees with pure water also boosts employee morale. Pure water has a neutral pH of seven (neither acidic nor alkaline). Contacting a water delivery service can, therefore, be a wise investment.

Be Sure Your Office Air is Healthy

As part of your annual HVAC maintenance schedule, the technician will clean your air ducts and change the building’s air filters. The technician can use mirrors or CCTVs to be sure the ducts are clean. You should probably shop around for an HVAC contractor. After all, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, cleaning your air ducts can cost between $450 and $1000 per visit.

Test for Bacteria in Your Workplace

Many types of businesses require testing for the presence of bacteria. In the food service industry, if germs are found in their products, it will cost the company money and a damaged reputation. According to SanAir, pseudomonas (which can cause lung and skin infections) is one of the most commonly found in the workplace. By contacting an environmental testing company, any existing bacteria can be discovered and treated.

Check Your Office for Mold

Mold is a different type of germ, and it can cause respiratory problems. Mold can build up in HVAC systems or your insulation. By calling a mold inspection contractor, you can discover if you have mold in your building. If you do, the same contractor may be able to provide mold remediation services.

Use Green Products When Possible

As a manager, you should know your company’s environmental impact. When you hire a cleaning contractor, ask them if they use eco-friendly products. The most essential reason is to increase your office’s eco-friendly efforts. However, using sustainable cleaning products can also be a good marketing tool.

Wise business managers will know that a clean office will reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. Contact a professional cleaning contractor for your daily or weekly cleaning tasks. In addition, you should consider other professionals, as needed, to keep your office buildings as clean and safe as possible.

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